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Tomb Raider is returning to theaters with Ex Machina’s Alicia Vikander playing Lara Croft, a role made famous by Angelina Jolie. This means there’s going to be a Tomb Raider reboot we don’t need.


According to Deadline, the Vikander-led film will focus on “a young and untested Lara Croft fighting to survive her first adventure.”

Tons of other young white actresses were rumored to be up for the part, including Daisy Ridley, Emilia Clarke, Daisy Ridley, Saoirse Ronan and even Cara Delevigne. Vikander is a sensible choice, given that Hollywood is trying to make her the next big thing.


Vikander previously starred in The Danish Girl and was excellent as the droid love interest in Ex Machina. She’s also starring with Matt Damon in Jason Bourne, out July 29.

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