Alia Shawkat — aka the possibly perfect Maeby Fünke from the too-good-for-this-world Arrested Development, which returns on Netflix next spring after a six-year absence — is the best, right? She's the cutest smartest best friend you want to marry and adopt a million George Michaels with. Also, that hair, give it to me!

Shawkat is interviewed by Rolling Stone and answers some of our most burning Arrested Development reunion questions. Let's get up on it.

When asked what it was like to get back together with all those batty Bluths:

The whole cast got back together to do an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot, and even when we were on set the first time, the whole crew, [show creator] Mitch [Hurwitz] made a little speech and we were all kind of sentimental. Because it's so weird. It feels like no time has passed. The only difference is all of a sudden people care about it and are actually paying attention and are really looking forward to it. And it feels really nice, because we worked so hard on the show then, and it used to bother us [that] we would win all these Emmys and no one fuckin' knew about the show. It's kind of a cool thing to come back.


This is SO EXCITING! And with respect! I like, I like very much. As to what the vibe on set is:

We're shooting [multiple episodes] all at the same time. And because of that, the scripts are kind of all over the place, and it's hard to keep track of what's happening. Mitch wasn't on set when we shot the show [the first go-round], because he was in the room writing all the time and he was the Head. Everything had to go to him. But now he's on set every second, and it's so nice, because he's our hero. We trust him more than anything. He's like the greatest guy. Having him on set is really cool, because he's the only person alive who knows what's happening. And we all look to him and we trust him so much. In that aspect it's definitely different.

Oh, just read Rolling Stone's whole damn thing. Marry me, Maeby. Or, uh, at least, call me?


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