Alfre Woodard, who is starring in the new Tyler Perry flick The Family That Preys, did a Q&A with and had this to say about women of color these days in Hollywood: "You see more African-American [women] onscreen, I guess, but it's hardly anything to crow about. It's not just African-American women - it's Latinas, Asian-American women. The film business remains the last bastion of close-minded and uncreative behavior in terms of the way we see human beingsā€¦No other the industry is this backwards in terms of not putting the best person for the task up to the task, rather than assuming you're a specialty act. It's, 'I'm not going to let Rosalind Chao play the museum curator unless it says 'Chinese-American woman,'' and then they're going to make her say, at some point, something about some noodles." [Premiere]