Fox TV is both evil and awesome in that it gives us what we know we shouldn't want, definitely don't need, but can't take our eyes away from. Last night, the network's NYC affiliate ran a segment on Alexis Cohen, the glitter-painted, American Idol reject who gained a lot of attention after she went on a rant against Simon.


Fox had the Pennsylvania-native hop on Amtrak yesterday, and filmed her interacting with pedestrians in the freezing cold on the sidewalk in Times Square. Never before has the channel's journalistic brand of "dance, monkey, dance" been so overt — or shamefully entertaining. But perhaps we shouldn't feel too guilty about laughing at (with?) Alexis. According to her MySpace profile, she is a member of two different improv troupes. (The Tool and Ministry fan is also a Wiccan and hails from "the planet UR Rectum.") Clip above.

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