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Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan Are Assassin BFFs in Violet and Daisy

Violet and Daisy stars Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan as two big-city gals just trying to make some extra money. By waiting tables, you ask? No, of course not — what a banal question. They kill people for money, people like James Gandolfini, a mysterious mark who might also be a therapist. He at least asks therapist-like questions and sits in a fancy leather therapist chair. Violet and Daisy really don’t know what to make of him, and their sudden reluctance to pull the literal trigger is what this odd-looking movie is all about.


Trailers these days are like mini-movies — they show you, start to finish, exactly how a particular movie is going to go down. There aren’t a lot of surprises, and, if a movie does included surprises, it’s sure to mention them in a theatrical trailer, just so audiences know what to expect when they plunk down $21.50 to see Iron Man 3 in an IMAX dome with reality-bending plastic glasses. Violet and Daisy seems, at the very least, weird. It’s also not clear what the fuck is going on, and while that might not necessarily end being a good thing, it’s definitely refreshing in an era when trailers may as well be a 30-second clip of a movie’s producers saying, “This is a trailer for Star Trek. Shit blows up. Spaceships crash. That British guy with the super British name is the villain, and you know this because he wears all black. But don’t worry — shit will probably work out in the end. Except for your migraine — that will stay with you until Star Trek 3: SpaceBoners.”

via Film Drunk

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I will see this, natch. But what irks me is that even tho she's 31, Alexis Bledel has the gravitas of an 11 year old. I really, really want her to be a better actress than she is, but it appears more and more that Rory Gilmore was a role that effectively inhabited the same volume of space as she.