Alexandra Michael Is About 28 Pounds Too Fat For Modeling

We used to play a little game called "Arm or Leg?" with the limbs of some of the models in Teen Vogue. (Such as this one.) But today on the Today show, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley announced the magazine's pro-ana days are over. Astley was moved by the story of 17-year-old model Alexandra Michael, who joined her this morning to talk about how she was sent home from Paris for being too fat, but she's okay with that since her hair is no longer falling out after she packed on 30 pounds in eating disorder rehab. And who does Amy Astley blame for the industry's deleterious emaciation obsession? "I think it's cyclical," she says. Ha ha ha, tell that to the kid who didn't get her period for a year!


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