Alexander Wang Sees in Tumblrvision at Balenciaga (With North West)

The focal point for Alexander Wang's second show as Balenciaga's creative director were bug-eyed, Matrix-style glasses—which was opportune, because a FROWing baby Nori (with chaperones Kim and Kanye) was the ultimate shineblocka.

The Matrix has been a touchstone for recent collections by young New York designers like Ammerman Schlosberg and Luar Zepol, so it makes sense that a couple seasons out, Wang would take on health goth for an upscale audience. He paired long, imposing, inky dusters with Equinox-style short shorts, and used lightweight fabrics that nonetheless looked heavy and mean, or maybe it's just cause these models look cold, and sad. It's a dystopian world, and that neoprene (or is it rubber?) trench is doing nothing to keep you warm in that fishnet.


People will probably call this show a success. I think it is pretty and has interesting aspects (this honeycomb dress is awesome), but if we're comparing today's Paris fashion week shows, it wasn't nearly as interesting or compelling as the monogrammed, Hitchcockian robes at Rochas, where the delicacy was practically confrontational. At least the clothes were all in West-approved neutrals, black, white, tan, dust, rose, taupe ('Ye's fave shade, no doubt). In the front row, Kim and Kanye were wearing Balenciaga, of course, while North West donned (DONNED!) a Yeezus tour shirt, what looked like leather leggings, and tiny black Timberlands. The paparazzi went bananas.


Images via Getty.

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