Alex St. John's Daughter Responds to Her Father's 'Vile and Wrong' Thoughts on Diversity in Tech

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Women ripping their semi-famous, misogynist dads is what the internet was made for.


Video game publisher and general tech rich guy Alex St. John has been in the news this week for publishing an op-ed in VentureBeat, in which he argued that gaming industry “wage slaves” must be pretty sheltered if they think “that any amount of hours they spend pushing a mouse around for a paycheck is really demanding strenuous work.” The op-ed followed that thought with another sensitive notion: “Many modern game developers have embraced a culture of victimology and a bad attitude toward their chosen vocations.”

Days later, his incredulous audience unearthed a recruiting slideshow he had made for tech companies, in which he recommends, among other things, “recruiting wives and girlfriends” of coders so that they don’t leave, and to avoid entitled “Wage-Slaves and Educated Idiots if you can identify them.”

On Thursday, St. John’s 22-year-old daughter Amilia (who notes she hasn’t lived with or near her father for many years) responded to his newly-famous “sexist, ableist, and racist rants” since they are “not only... associated with my last name but also my face.” (Her photo was used in the offending slideshow.)

She largely entered tech, St. John writes, because of its lack of women:

Women in technology is personal to me, and I feel it is my responsibility to share my experiences with other women. In a world where so many women are finally gaining the opportunity for a voice, the tech industry is quiet. And what my father seems to so fundamentally misunderstand is that this is NOT, as he insinuates, a result of women “claiming victimhood”.

She goes on to discuss the various ways women and minorities are systematically excluded from the tech world, and then set up to fail if they finally make it in.

“The real crux of the issue is that by propagating this offensive ideology (even if it could be just my father trying to get his jollies by instigated fights with everyone on the internet),” she concludes, “he is feeding the fire for the dull brained Neanderthals in the industry who actually are anti-women to continue propagating these practices.”


The full piece is well worth reading, which you can do here.

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The Noble Renard

This man is truly, utterly vile. His screeds are the production of a mind so enraptured by his own superiority that he fundamentally cannot believe that there are people who would disagree with him. The slideshow contains such gems as exhorting recruiters to hire the “holy grail” of a male engineer with Aspergers, essentially said that women are only good for management and their job should be to tend to the coders, and included this fucking gem:

He then wrote an angry response to people who called him out, and in the comments to it just repeatedly called every single person who called him out on his bullshit a teenager or a millenial or someone with a victim complex. When people would say “Hey, I’m your peer and you’re wrong” he’d just pretend that they were lying.

In short, no one should ever work for this piece of shit again. He is the toxic culture of the industry embodied in one compact package.