ALERT BERNANKE!: Gisele Demands Payment In "Anything But" Greenbacks!

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The American dollar is so weak Gisele Bundchen refuses to be paid with it anymore. The Brazilian supermodel officially demanded her most recent Pantene salary in euros, putting her in the esteemed ranks of important people including numerous hedge fund managers, Elizabeth Kucinich, Warren Buffett and his protege Rachel Zoe, with this public statement as to how the Bush Administration's fiscal irresponsibility could sentence the American people to a lifetime of even-more-ludicrously-expensive-than-usual Louis Vuitton. I know, I know: it's kind of confusing: what does Gisele even have to buy for herself? Isn't her life one big gifting suite already? It's mainly symbolic, we're thinking — it's about making us think. And we're all about the deep thoughts.

What's kinda funny, of course, is that a weak dollar could totally help us in this country if we actually exported anything, like the Chinese with chintzy lingerie/lead toys/etc.

Ha ha ha no actually, what's really funny (and thank the nerd-joke gods for Wikipedia!) is that you would have done better this year if you'd gotten your salary in Brazilian Reals. (For Reals!) And, like, the election of their commie pinko leader totally caused a currency crisis a few years back, ha ha ha.


Supermodel Gisele Joins Hedge Funds Dumping The Dollar [Bloomberg]

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@mcintosh-toffee: We're in a war right now and this is still happening! The typical war economy doesn't really apply these days... at least when a Bush is in control...