Alec Baldwin on the Words With Friends Scandal that Shook a Nation

Nearly two months after the Words With Friends-American Airlines scandal threatened the very foundation of America itself, actor and national treasure Alec Baldwin has finally broken his silence on that fateful day when he was asked to leave an airplane because he wouldn't stop playing with his phone. Do you remember where you were when you found out? I was at Chipotle eating a burrito and I couldn't stop crying, but it was okay because everyone else at Chipotle was crying, too. It was horrible, but also cathartic in the way that tragic events can bring about people from all walks of life. I made eye contact with a cop who was eating nachos. "I can't believe," I said to him. "I mean, it's Alec..." The cop shook his head wordlessly and pulled me in for a hug. We stood there standing like that in that goddam Chipotle for God knows how long. We haven't seen or heard from each other since, but I like to think that he saw Alec Baldwin on Piers Morgan last night and thought of me like I thought of him then realized that everything was going to be okay.


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