Alec Baldwin Lets It Slip That Justin Bieber Is Hosting SNL

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Plug your ears and get off Twitter, because a nationwide teenage freakout is about to erupt. It looks like Justin Bieber is going to bring his gently tousled locks and pitch-perfect pipes to Saturday Night Live in the very near future—at least if you believe Alec Baldwin and his famously loud mouth.


Baldwin broke the news during his WNYC podcast "Here's the thing." He was interviewing Lorne Michaels and read the confidential contents of the billboard in his office aloud:

The biggest names in the business are coming here thirty-something years (after the show's 1975 debut) to host the show. You have Ben Stiller, Melissa McCarthy, (who) won the Emmy award, and Katy Perry's coming and Jimmy Fallon, who's obviously double-dipping on your payroll, Jonah Hill, and I don't want to ruin any other names. Bieber's confirmed, he's the music and the (host).

To which the famously tight-lipped Michaels simply replied, "Yeah." That certainly seems like pretty solid evidence that the Biebs will invade Studio 8H at some point during this season. Unless Baldwin is messing with us, as he seems like he might do just for shits and giggles. Oh, it's also news that Jonah Hill is hosting—he's supposedly set to appear March 10th. [OMG]

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Speaking of the mighty Justin, Selena Gomez has opened up about their relationship to Cosmo, and it seems, as anyone might have guessed, that they are in lurve:

I'm just like every 19-year-old girl. If you're in love, you're in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out, and be as normal as possible. I'm fortunate that I've found someone who has that philosophy.


If going to the movies in a theater that you've rented out so you can have it all to yourself counts as normal, then, yes, carry on. [USA Today]

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Has Lindsay Lohan fallen off the wagon? First off, Lindsay apparently got so creeped out by the stalker who recently showed up at her house in Venice Beach, that she's moved out. She might even relocate to NYC, but for the moment she's living at the Chateau Marmont. (Wait, isn't she supposed to have no money?) Anyway, this weekend she was hanging out at the hotel, and here's what an eyewitness reported seeing:

Lindsay was spotted going to the restroom with a male companion on numerous occasions in a short amount of time. When the two of them emerged from the bathroom, Lindsay was giggling and her nose appeared red. Lindsay was spotted only drinking water in the lounge area, but she appeared to be loaded on something, and she seemed under the influence. Lindsay's eyes were glassy and her pupils were constricted.


That certainly doesn't sound good, but let's be charitable and blame it on cold and flu season until further evidence of trouble appears. [TMZ, ONTD]

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There's even more news on the SNL front today. It's been confirmed that "featured player" Paul Brittain is leaving effective immediately. It's a little strange for someone to take off mid-season, but a source said Brittain, "had the opportunity to pursue other projects, and he and the show parted ways amicably." Too bad we'll never again get to cavort with little Lord Windemere. [EW]

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Matthew Broderick spoke about his decision to take part in the Honda ad that reprises Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

It took a little, uh, thinking about it, it took a little time, but I ended up thinking it might be amusing. Todd Phillips was directing it, who's a good director, and I thought it would be fun to send up Ferris Bueller a little bit.


As for Broderick's reaction to the video flooding the internet, he says, "I guess I'm part of a virus." Yes, the excitement is indeed contagious. [Vulture]

  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are on the cover of New York magazine with a total money shot. [the.Life files]

    Heidi Klum has tweeted for the first time since news of her split with Seal broke. She said,

    Hi everyone, I want to thank u for all your support & kind words.Really means so much. Thanks the best fans in the world! xoHeidi

    When are we gonna get some Team Heidi and Team Seal t-shirts up in this club? [USA Today]

    Miley Cyrus broke her tailbone while trying to do a front flip on the couch. Let that be a lesson to you, kiddies. Never play on the furniture. [E!]

    Exciting news for Adele fans: she's recovered from her surgery and is going to perform at the Grammys in mid-February. It'll be the first time she's performed live in five months. You might want to practice weeping a little bit in advance, so you can really do it right when she takes the stage. [AP]

    Happy 31st Birthday, Justin Timberlake. Just keep doing what you're doing, buddy. [E!]

    Tom Cruise's 19-year-old daughter Isabella might be engaged to her boyfriend Eddie Frencher. He's a Scientologist, so he's automatically father-approved. They aren't getting married anytime soon, apparently, which is probably good since they're young. But it is a shame that we'll have to wait to see Suri fucking crush at her probable flower girl job. []

    After swearing off Twitter, Demi Lovato is back after only a week away. She tweeted today, "Don't believe the hype.... All is well!" Phew. Don't ever go quiet again, Demi. [E!]

    Flavor Flav had some drama this weekend. He and his daughter Dazayna Drayton were involved in a brawl at his house. It seems the 19-year-old hit him during the tussle, but it might have been accidental when he stepped in to break up a fight she was having with another family member. They were both arrested but are no longer in custody. [The Grio]

    Scarlett Johansson has been seen about town with a new "mystery man." He's very tall, his name is Nate Naylor, and he works in advertising. Ooh, dating a non-famous, intriguing… [Radar]

    Prepare yourself for a very minor amount of devastation: Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet have broken up after nine months of dating. It's the old grew apart/amicable thing. [Just Jared]

    Continuing a mass exodus from X-Factor, Paula Abdul has announced she won't be coming back for the next season. [OMG!]

    Oh, sad. Jane Lynch's mom, Eileen, died yesterday. A big internet hug from us to you, Jane. [Daily Express]


Va Va Get My Broom

Okay tenuously related to DirtBag because I saw Emma Roberts' name, but MY GOD DID ANYONE SEE SCREAM 4? Watching the beginning I should have know the level of watery shit I was going to step into but... I just couldn't look away.

Like omg, either that series has gone meta or this is how a movie series goes through it's Terrible Teens.