Alaina Reed Hall, who played Olivia for 12 years on the PBS kids' show, died on December 17 in Los Angeles. You may not know this, but Alaina Reed had an impressive career:

She began in the theater, starring in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions such as Chicago, Hair, and Eubie. After 12 years on Sesame Street, she joined the cast of 227, playing Rose (there's a snippet here, and a great clip here).

According to blogger Thembi Ford:

Kevin Peter Hall (the 7′2″ actor who portrayed Harry in Harry and The Hendersons and Predator in the movies of the same name) guest starred as Rose's love interest on 227 and in 1988 the two began a real-life relationship, marrying both on the show and in real life. Sadly, he passed away in 1991 from complications of AIDS contracted through a blood transfusion. 227 was canceled that same year…

Still, Alaina Reed Hall continued acting and singing, with guest spots on A Different World, Friends and Ally McBeal. She also had a one-woman theater show, "Alaina at the Bijou."


Alaina Reed Hall had been battling breast cancer and was 63 years old when she died.

Below, one of my favorite songs: "Sing."

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