A lawsuit claims an Alabama hospital amputated the penis of a man who went in for a circumcision.

Yes, feel free to file this under your "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK" news category. According to AL.com, the man who went in for the procedure never got an explanation from his medical providers as to why it was necessary to amputate his penis or that a simple procedure such as a circumcision could result in amputation. Hence, the lawsuit (OBVIOUSLY)

The man and his wife filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham. He names the hospital, Urology Centers of Alabama, the Simon-Williamson Clinic and two doctors as defendants in the case.

The lawsuit says the patient was receiving medical treatment from a doctor at Urology Centers of Alabama. Another doctor performed the surgical procedure in June. The lawsuit does not give an exact date.

"When the plaintiff ... awoke from his aforesaid surgical procedure, his penis was amputated," according to the lawsuit. The plaintiffs "never gave consent for the complete or partial amputation of (his) penis."


At this point, the lawsuit does not specify any exact monetary damages. However, it does state that "the man's wife also claims loss of consortium."

So. Yeah.

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