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Alabama House Gets Closer To Apologizing For Mishandling 1944 Rape

It took a half-century, but Alabama has finally apologized is finally taking steps towards apologizing to Recy Taylor. She was gang-raped by a group of white men whom two all-white, all-male juries refused to indict. Read an interview with her here. Correction: The apology was passed by the House, but has to clear the Senate and the governor's office.

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I hate these new click-through pages that aren't real articles. Save on hiring writers and increase click-throughs, huh, Gawker Media?

FWIW, the names of the rapists are public knowledge: Hugo Wilson, Dillard York, Luther Lee, William Howerton, Joe Culpepper, Robert Gamble and Herbert Lovett. Not convicted (yet), but on record as admitting their crimes.

Miss. Recy lives every day through a tragedy that no doubt defined much of her life. I hope she has some peace in the knowledge we won't forget her in our history and will hopefully do better, someday.