Alabama Governor's Advisor Resigns After He Confessed He Made 'Inappropriate' Remarks to Her

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A top aide to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has resigned, in the midst of a deeply embarrassing sex scandal. Bentley is accused of committing taxpayer-backed adultery with Rebekah Caldwell Mason, who was until Wednesday one of his closest advisors. A state representative says he’ll seek to have the governor impeached over the alleged affair, which Bentley still denies took place.


Bentley, who’s served as governor since 2011, was married for 50 years. His wife filed for divorce recently, amid increasingly loud gossip about the governor’s alleged affair with Mason. Last week, Bentley denied the affair but did admit to making sexually charged remarks to Mason, for which he is sorry. Mason, too, denied that the two had a “physical affair.”

Shortly after those denials, an anonymous source leaked our brother site Gawker some audio of a conversation between Bentley and Mason, in which the governor tells his aide he loves her and also enjoys caressing her breasts.

Today, Mason publicly resigned, the Associated Press reports, issuing a statement that said only that she plans to spend more time with her family:

Rebekah Caldwell Mason announced her resignation in a statement sent by the governor’s office, saying she would no longer be his senior political adviser and would no longer be paid by his campaign fund.

“My only plans are to focus my full attention on my precious children and my husband who I love dearly,” she said.

Mason’s husband recently posted on Facebook saying that he has “resolved the personal issue playing out for everyone this week.”

Meanwhile, State Representative Ed Henry said today that he is beginning the process to attempt to impeach the governor. Henry told local news station WHNT that Bentley was no longer fit to serve, in his opinion, based on “incompetence and moral turpitude.”


Bentley listens to a phone call as Rebekah Mason, right, announces his win for Alabama governor, in Montgomery, Ala, November 4, 2014. Photo via AP Images

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