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Airline’s Baby-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ Doesn’t Really Guarantee Much Quiet

Illustration for article titled Airline’s Baby-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ Doesn’t Really Guarantee Much Quiet

Crying babies are one of about two hundred thousand things that make flying commercial one of the most hellish experiences ever devised by humans, which is why AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia, will be introducing a "Quiet Zone" in February for passengers who'd rather not be reminded by the wailing of a bewildered infant that sitting in a tube overloaded with jet fuel and suitcases is like inviting death over for a friendly game of Stratego. The airline will reserve seven economy class rows for passengers "age 12 and up," and will not even charge any extra booking fees other than the extra fees passengers might already pay for getting a seat with a few centimeters more leg room.

Considerate as the new service may at first seem, AirAsia says it will allow passengers under 12 to sit in quiet areas — separated from the rest of coach by the bulkheads and lavatories — if it's "necessary for operational, safety or security reasons." Oh, and sound travels, so, if a baby has the lungs of a future yodeler, then your tranquil quiet zone becomes another gentle reminder of how an airline has successfully fucked you.

Airline to offer baby-free ‘quiet zone' [NBC]

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Question for parents, is it safe to give children sedatives to calm them down and make them sleepy when flying. I will never get angry at a baby for crying, flying is an uncomfortable experience and their ears must get sore. My problem is with the kids who fight, kick the seat and run around the terminal screaming. I drug myself up when I travel so I will stay calm and sleep. Is it safe to give a child something mild like a drowsy decongestant?