"Two weekends in a row I went to a sex store! We did things I'd never done before because you wanted it—you kept wanting to raise the bar!" Tori Spelling yelled at her husband Dean McDermott during a couples therapy session. So what do you think they did? Butt stuff, right?

Tori seemed to be teeming with suppressed rage and resentment on last night's episode of the couple's bleak reality show, True Tori, when she said, "I did things with you that you wanted me to do!"

Her quivering voice and accusatory tone implies that she was put upon in some way with these sex acts. That, to me, suggests discomfort on her part. What's an uncomfortable new experience for many women? Anal.


But you don't really need two trips to the sex store to get butt fucked—but you might if you're a woman doing the fucking to someone else's butt. I'm just gonna throw this out there: Did Dean get pegged?

Interestingly, Lifetime is allowing viewers to submit questions that might be answered on the show.