Air New Zealand Creates "Nude" Safety Video To Capture Attention Of Passengers

Illustration for article titled Air New Zealand Creates Nude Safety Video To Capture Attention Of Passengers

Tired of being ignored by passengers who'd rather read or stare out the window instead of listening to potentially life-saving safety information, the folks at Air New Zealand have released a cheeky in-flight video featuring crew members in body paint.


The video, titled "The Bare Essentials Of Safety," features several crew members wearing "uniforms" made of body paint- a slightly scandalous choice done to draw passengers attention to simple instructions that might make a world of difference in the event of an emergency. Of course, the ads a re also a great way of advertising for the company: the video has already gone viral, and the company has been promoting itself with the slogan "At Air New Zealand, our fares have nothing to hide." Steve Bayliss, the general marketing manager of the company, says of the ads: "We think in tough times there's a premium for making people smile, and it gives the opportunity to stand out in a crowd." Or, perhaps, they just wanted to do something special, for all the airplane-flying ladies of the world?

New Zealand Airline Issues Nude Safety Video"

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meritxell: an erotic life

The accents!!! Dear god, the adorable accents. This makes me want to fly to Auckland.