Welcome back to Selfie Loathing. What did celebrities do on Instagram this week? I'll tell you what celebrities did on Instagram this week. Actually, scratch that: I'll show you. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

This monkey bear dog thing just woke me up and now I wanna keep it #MindBlown

U guys...the monkey bear dog thing is now dancing on me

Taupe is dope! Thanks @teampolished for another exciting MANicure.

This was my life two days ago when the great Bear Grylls took into to the wild. Oh about that boulder that smacked me. Smh

We out! @1oakLA

Just a shameless Selfie

Winnifred Beach #jamaica

Wheels up on to the next chapter.

#Battlegear in Monchengladbach, Germany!! #LoveLustFaithDreamsTour

It's National Sunglass Day! Tag me and show me your favorite pair of shades!#nationalsunglassday#yeahitsathing


reading WALT WHITMAN with PATTI SMITH!!! This SUNDAY at 7pm in the ROCKAWAYS! Come on down!!!@klausbiesenbach#rockaway1#forttilden

OH NA NA @treysongz

It would take mexico to get me to play on the beach ! I'm so not that girl ! But I work hard , I deserve it right ! Plus, I earned it !

Just my best friend @officialdannytrejo and I x #motorcyclesandmayhem #desertlife #nodamnfilter

Trying to stay cool on the Edmund Pettus Bridge reenacting March to Montgomery ! #HotinSELMA

My dad and I are keeping the party going at the clubhouse with an assist from @SonjatMorgan #WWHL

Sending some love ❤️ it's a beautiful day today

If that's nude.... Than god bless #gucci

takin currr of dem rootz

They sang happy birthday fast 'cause I hate singing happy birthday on principle but now I feel like it's North Korea so maybe I will rethink

Finn is imitating me. I was like this first.#australiansheposer

What's up summer!!! Where are my sunglasses when I need them? Lol

Walking in to testify! Let's make this happen! Elephants, Rhinos and the African people the American People are with you! From Washington with love!


Wake n bake

Our usual hairless cat was charging too much so we got this nightmare stand in #girls

t's just a wig 👸! Looks so real though right?

Night!!! #ILooKLIkeATotallyDifferentPersonWhenMyHairIsBlonde

My hand and @cairothekat

San Fran may be the Bay Area but New York is the Bae Area. (At the @logotv Trailblazer's event where @oitnb was honored!)

Morning monster world

OMG why that face


Throwback Thursday with @mel_rivers. #tbt #MelissaRivers #joanrivers

Post graduation workout. #i'mdone




Spent the afternoon at www.barenecessities.com headquarters as they shoot my lingerie collection. They launch in July with the largest variety of sizes in stock, including my full-figure bras.

Bun hugger

Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly. #blamethe70sflarepants

I stole'd a hat

Met a womble


Me and BFF Abe

Brought my pink pony to the White House to holler @VP Joe Biden.#wheninwashington 💁 p.s. He made me call my 93 year old grandma to thank her for my baby blue eyes! What a Q-T

Happy 15th anniversary @FlauntMagazine. Proud to be a part of #theselfieissue#flauntmagazine

A total thrill to meet legend @RafealNadalyesterday @Wimbledon. Hard fought match.

Looks like @USASoccer are through!@FifaWorldCup! #Addicted

Why is my fortune subtly trying to tell me it doesn't think I'm talented? #rude

Road Trip With Sid. NY - Cincinnati.

I take my concessions very seriously. Had to go see 22 Jump Street. My bro@channingtatum, @icecube, Jonah....you guys killed that, start to finish. #salute

And Eiffel selfie :)

Producing late night some new@ansolo_music w @alexmvnon SHAKE DAT TING MISS! Heard this track last night and people went wild. Wanted to make a groovy house remix ;)

All the world's a stage...

7000 degrees out here


Oh @SofiaVergara that explains so much !

Set of "Jungle Fever"!Me and @NickTurturro in Brooklyn.I think 'don't believe the hype' is blasting in our car.I did my hair,makeup and shopped at Cesar's Bay Bazar for my 80's,Bensonhurst outfit:) @sheltonjlee and I had a blast!

Successfully navigated the Group of Death with spirit togetherness and fight, the only way we know how. Onto the next one now! Enjoy the ride #usmnt #1N1T #belgium #tues

We did it! Round of 16! Thanks for all the support from the fans! Shout out to alexi and Taylor

Friends for life.....#dontbelievethehype @sulleymuntari

In NYC at Hugo boss getting dialed in. Go see Ana there! She will take care of you. @itspavoni@hugoboss@cameronlawther@nicsglass@ashmarani#hugoboss#woldcup#gousa


This happened.

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