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Added to our running list of why we want to move to England (socialized medicine, cool accents, tea time, no bridal showers, Almodovar adaptations on stage) is that modeling agencies over there actually have the balls to tell their clients that they absolutely cannot work unless they gain weight. According to The Telegraph, model Charlotte Carter (of a 32-inch chest and 22-inch waist) was turned away by Models 1 agency because she was too damn thin. But more importantly, Carter claims that it wasn't until hearing this that she realized she was too thin and needed to confront her own eating disorders.

From the inside it feels like London agencies are cracking down on this super-skinny idea and therefore the rest of the world is somehow listening...[Being told to gain weight was like a] psychological wall coming down. It helped me finally to realise that I was too thin. I was impressed that an agency was actually addressing my well-being.


Modeling agencies as social services? Fancy that! Wait a second, we need to think this one through. Could it be that if agencies won't book girls who are an inhuman weight, girls will have to gain weight to work, and perhaps some progress could be made in the annals of anorexia?! Kudos to our friends over in Cool Britannia for not being pussies and actually standing by their convictions and, uh, realizing that starving girls who look like aliens are neither pretty nor healthy. Unlike, say, Diane von Furstenberg, designer and CFDA president, who sent a memo to all of the CFDA members encouraging them to make healthy choices when it came to casting models for New York Fashion Week... which did so much good that all this week,we've been seeing in models whose chest bones we're able to count as they walk.

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Yes but what did they tell her to eat? Or to gain? A raisin? 4 pounds? I have a feeling we'll still be seeing teenagers attempting to wear adult lady clothes on the runways...