Betty and Don Draper make smoking and boozing look glamorous. But all that hard living is more likely to ruin their perfect facade than their respective extramarital affairs. Check out what we think the Drapers could look like in 1983.

As someone who also chain smokes and enjoys a wine or two every night, I'm terrified of age progression photos, although they seem to be a pretty good argument for quitting bad habits. Age progression—via Photoshop—is also pretty useful when it comes to missing children. (And pretty accurate, too. The one that authorities created for Jaycee Dugard was remarkably true to life.)

For Betty, I assumed that she would maintain her figure and hair as much as she could, being so vain and all. But 20 years in the future, before the ubiquity of Botox and laser treatments, Betty would begin feeling the effects of the life she's lived, including wrinkles, age spots, thinning hair, and a growing nose.

For Don, it seemed to make the most sense to base his aging on Frank Sinatra's. However, I was shocked as hell when the liver spots, rosacea, deep lines, enlarged nose and ears, and receding hairline made him a dead-ringer for Mel Gibson.