Above is a clip of What Are Friends For?, possibly the weirdest After School Special ever made. Starring Melora Hardin and Dana Hill (the weird looking Audrey from National Lampoon's European Vacation), and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal (Maggie and Jake's dad), it first aired in 1980. Producers really were trying to reach every troubled child with this film, because it covers so much ground. Subplots include: divorce, shoplifting, cross-country relocation (which comes with a whole set of problems, like being the new kid at school), parental alienation, obsessive friendships, depression and hypochondria. The best aspect, though is the creepy girl who practices some sort of voodoo that involves a Tibetan chant. (Which actually, is pronounced wrong, if our memory of the last 10 minutes of What's Love Got To Do With It? is correct.)