After record-breaking ratings for its season finale and reunion special, The Real Housewives of New York City has definitely been picked up for a second season. Yay! It's not clear yet if every cast member will be returning (since Alex and Simon were pissed off at how they were edited to look like social climbers, and Ramoarawn is completely unpredictable), but we really hope they all do. If you still haven't got enough of them, check out the extras Bravo has up on its site. Our favorite is a little clip in which Simon addresses viewer emails about whether or not he's gay. (Click image to check hear his answer.) [Multichannel]


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@calitexican: oh for holy fuck's sake he's not euro he's Australian.

fellow Jezebels, don't expect the rest of the world to distinguish between a New Jersey and Kansas accent if you can't even tell apart english as spoken on two different hemispheres.

Signed, an Australian, in London.