After Nearly Two Decades of Marriage, Chris Rock Files For Divorce

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Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, are splitting up after nearly 20 years of marriage. Compton-Rock released a statement on Sunday:

"After much contemplation and 19 years of marriage, Chris and I have decided to go our separate ways. Being fortunate enough to lead a life of service by working with those most vulnerable makes me well aware of life's blessings, even when faced with difficulties. While recognizing that this is a significant change, my children remain at the center of my life and their well-being is my top priority. It is in this spirit that I sincerely ask that their privacy and the privacy of our family be respected during this transition in our lives."


The two were married in 1996, and live in Alpine, New Jersey with daughters Lola Simone, 12, and Zahra Savannah, 10. According to People, there were warning signs: "In 2010, they shot down claims that Rock had fathered another child out of wedlock. Three years earlier, the stars defended their 'happy' relationship amid divorce speculation."

The Washington Post seems equally unsurprised by the announcement; their headline reads: "Chris Rock Announces Divorce—Shocking No One Who Has Ever Seen Him Do Stand-Up."



In happier relationship news, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz just announced the birth of their second child! Genesis Ali was born on Saturday, December 27th, joining big brother Egypt Daoud, 4. Famous people do love an intense baby name.

[Page Six]

Khloe Kardashian "opened up" to British Cosmopolitan in their February 2015 issue, talking marriage ("When I first got married some of my girlfriends said, 'You never have to work now – you married a basketball player'"), sex ("I don't crave sex"), and living in Justin Bieber's old house:

"I bought Justin Bieber's house… He had like this nook under the stairs which I didn't need so I covered it up. When I ran into him he was like 'What did you do with the nook? I used to go in there and play video games.' When I told him it was gone he was so upset, I didn't think this 20-year-old boy would even care!"


K, well, now you know, Khloe! You can't COVER UP somebody's VIDEO GAME NOOK like it was NEVER EVEN THERE.


  • Christina Aguilera spent her 34th birthday at Disneyland, where she promptly called Mickey Mouse an asshole for not taking a pic with her. According to TMZ, "Mickey had to be escorted to a safe zone." This from a former Mouseketeer. [TMZ]
  • A source from within the Bravo TV hellpit reveals a "strained" relationship between Patti Stanger and Andy Cohen, citing that Cohen won't have Stanger on his show, Watch What Happens Live! DOWN WITH PATTI. [NYDN]
  • Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, who Killed Love earlier this week with the announcement of their split, were seen taking a stroll about London with kids Billy, 11, and Nell, 7. [NYDN]
  • $$$ Saks Fifth Avenue president Marigay McKee is engaged to marry General Atlantic's William Ford $$$ [Page Six]
  • BFFs and *free spirits* Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are in Dubai for a better New Year's than you or I will ever have :( [E!]
  • Jennifer Lawrence went home for the holidays, cheering on the Louisville Cardinals in their game against the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday. They lost, though. [NYDN]
  • "Mob Wife" Natalie Guercio's boyfriend was stabbed in the face at what Page Six describes as a "hipster dance club" in Brooklyn, requiring more than 250 stitches. [Page Six]

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Oh god, I never thought I'd say this, but I feel you Justin Beiber. I have ALWAYS wanted an under-the-stairs nook. The way the house I own now is set up, it's not a possibility, but if I ever do own a house with a nook, and then I find out that the person who owned it after me got rid of it, I bet I'll be really sad about it. How can you be so dismissive of your under-the-stairs nook privilege!?