After Five Straight Seasons of Partying, Jersey Shore's The Situation Heads to Rehab

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It looks like The Situation finally got himself into one situation that he couldn't handle. A source has just revealed to TMZ that Mike Sorrentino, he of Jersey Shore ab fame, has checked into an inpatient rehab program for substance abuse problems. Well, this will certainly throw yet another wrinkle into the newest season of Jersey Shore


For the record, his reps aren't saying officially that he even has a problem. They said, he "has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule." Hmm. Well, it certainly would not be a surprise if he'd developed an addiction after we've watched him party his way through what feels like 30 years of Jersey Shore. Either way, here's hoping he gets the help he needs. At least if he's not drinking come the start of filming for season six, pregnant Snooki will have some company in her sobriety. [TMZ]

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Jessica Simpson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night, and, no, unfortunately, she didn't give birth live on-air. (Or maybe fortunately.) But she did explain why she appears to be so insanely pregnant: She's got a lot of amniotic fluid. She's also got an interesting projection about what this means for when she finally goes into labor. She told Kimmel, "whenever my water breaks it'll be like a fire hydrant!" Yowza. There's a mental image for the ages. She also described the feeling of carrying this baby—yes, she swears it's not twins—"I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoo ha!" Not that far off, actually. Anyway, she's reportedly due next month, so the wait is almost over. [Extra TV]

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After laying off 30 people from her network, OWN, Oprah must have sensed that her staff was rattled by the changes, because today she held an OWN town hall meeting. She apparently explained to her remaining staff why the cuts were made: basically that she had to justify what the network was spending to a board of directors, and she had to get things in order before the company's fiscal year ends on April 1 or things would get really hairy. All in all, being honest and straightforward with your staff sounds like a pretty humane thing to do, and she also reportedly gave those she fired very generous severance packages. God, I really hope she didn't make them all look under their seats to discover their termi-NATION PACK-AAAHGES!!. [TMZ]

Meanwhile, Rosie O'Donnell released this video statement about the cancellation of her show on OWN. Despite reports that she and Oprah are on the outs, Ro manages to be pretty gracious and reasonable about the whole deal. She explains that basically they got off to the wrong start, and keeping the show up just didn't make any financial sense. Her closing line? "It's not a nightmare, it's a good thing." What ever you say, Rosie! [HuffPo]


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With her newly announced split from Peter Facinelli, things are a little topsy-turvy for Jennie Garth these days. She was spotted for the first time today without her wedding ring on, and she told Access Hollywood, "My life is a little hectic right now and my personal life is kind of crazy." She's about to start filming of her new reality series Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country, which she says, is "what I need and what the girls need right now." While the timing worked out suspiciously well, Garth says she had no idea she would be headed for divorce when she agreed to do the show. Boy, some TV executives have all the luck. [People]

  • Newly announced power couple Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett were spotted out together in LA this weekend. So it must be true love. A nosy source says Amanda, "sat in Josh's lap with her arm around him, and took his knit hat, placing it on her head as she looked at him." Ah, the old knit hat-eye contact routine. Romance! [Showbiz Spy]
  • Looks like the Hunger Games is on it's way, no surprise, to being a blockbuster. It's been reported that over one million tickets have already been pre-sold. The bad news is that this almost certainly means you'll have to sit right next to some stranger in the theater who rustles his candy wrapper too loudly or smacks when she chews on her popcorn, but the good new is OMFG YOU'RE SEEING THE HUNGER GAMES. [Deadline]
  • If you have any burning questions for Madonna, you can ask them this Saturday when Jimmy Fallon interviews her on Facebook. Here are a few topics to get your brain working: acceptable kinds of flowers, plastic surgery, toned arms. Now run with it. [ONTD]
  • Umm, Richard Gere says he's totally through with Pretty Woman, a movie which many of us will never get over. He said, "It's my least favorite thing. People ask me about [it], but I've forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy." Bite your tongue, sir! [Us]
  • Wow, Hugh Jackman is looking decidedly un-Hugh-Jackman-like in his Jean Valjean costume for the Les Miz movie which is shooting in London at the moment. [E!]
  • Attention House fans: set your DVRs because Olivia Wilde will be returning to the show for the series finale on May 21. [THR]
  • More drama for Zsa Zsa Gabor. Her daughter, Constance Francesca Hilton, has asked a judge to place her mom in a conservatorship. This will ensure Zsa Zsa's assets and medical care are independently controlled. Hilton claims that Gabor's husband, Frederic von Anhalt, is mishandling her finances and keeping the 95-year-old heavily sedated and isolated. [AP]
  • Kirk Cameron took to the Today Show this morning in an attempt to make himself sound like less of a homophobic asshole, but sadly for him, it didn't really work. Of course, he blames the media for misconstruing his statements and also says nobody should be surprised by the ugly things he said earlier this month because, he says, he's been a Christian for 15 years. Oh, Kirky Kirk. Just. Stop. It. [E!]
  • Ke$ha, the Flaming Lips, and Biz Markie all got together and made a song. It will either be the most amazing thing we've ever heard or the absolute worst bit of cacophony imaginable. Oh, the suspense, it kills. [Vulture]
  • George Michael is heading back on the road after recovering from a near fatal case of pneumonia. He's rescheduled his tour dates, and will be performing his first dates in Vienna, where he first fell ill last fall. He's giving 1,000 tickets for one of the concerts to the medical staff who helped treat him. Aww. [AP]
  • Clueless actress Stacey Dash has reportedly been fired from her latest movie for being too difficult. Uh oh, that's never good but especially when your biggest role was 17 years ago. (Related: Holy shit, how has it been 17 years since Clueless came out?) [The Grio]
  • It is with great reluctance that I tread into Real Housewives territory, but it must be done because Kim Zolciak, of Atlanta, is pregnant again. She has a 10-month-old son already, so she's going to be in for a lot of baby talk in the next year or so. [People]
  • Whoop, whoop! Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is also expecting a baby. [People]
  • And celebrity baby item #15,673: Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve have a brand new baby boy. [ONTD]
  • More heartwarming news: a high school in Henryville, Indiana which wrecked was wrecked by the awful tornadoes that recently hit the area has won an online contest to have Lady Antebellum come and perform at their school. [Yahoo!]


Oh my lord. I JUST saw Jessica Simpson for the first time. I can't believe she has to stay like that for another few weeks, she looks so incredibly ready to give birth. What determines how much amniotic fluid you have? I've not seen a pregnant woman like that, it almost looks like a bad pregnancy costume. Also her voice sounds different to me, does pregnancy affect your voice? Sorry for all the stupid questions.

Also now that I've watched the interview, she's gotten more annoying.