After an exhaustive slew of child custody proceedings with the children from the polygamist Yearning For Zion ranch, the state of Texas has determined that eight of the over four hundred children from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints enclave should be put in foster care. According to the AP the state reportedly wants these eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 17, in foster care "because their mothers allegedly have refused to limit their contact with men accused of being involved in underage marriages." FLDS brass says that this potential ruling is further religious persecution. Sect spokesman Rod Parker says that the issue is "whether the children are in any immediate danger simply because their parents choose to raise them in this religion... The substance of what they're doing here is fundamentally the same." [AP via CBS News]


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@I_can_still_pitch: Religion is not held to the same standard because of the bogeymen: Hell, Satan, the anti-Christ, etc. People with strong religious conviction are sure that anyone who does not believe what they believe is "going to hell." If a politician or a judge or a lawyer does something to call a church into account, there is that feeling in the back of the head that they will be damned for life. It makes people hesitant to turn the spotlight full on a religion. Mind you, I think with the Catholic churches priest scandals, that is changing slowly. Suddenly, people are reminded that the elders of any church are not divine unto themselves, but mortal and subject to foibles like everyone else. I think as time passes, the invulnerability of many religions is going to start to crumble.