After Allure magazine ran that story in its October issue on the new hair-straightening technique out of Brazil that uses crazy, dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, there was a spike in women wanting the service. Says Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells: "It's so illogical that people would willfully pursue something that they know is dangerous... We're not talking about whether red wine raises or lowers cholesterol. We're talking about formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen." Um, people still smoke cigarettes, don't they? [WWD]


Does not surprise me at all. People go tanning, for God's sake! People do all kinds of stupid shit in the name of beauty.

And in the name of "beauty." Like women who look beautiful with curly hair who straighten it with formaldehyde and end up looking just like everyone else. And people who get Mystic tans and turn out orange, but do it regularly because it's inexplicably the standard of beauty. Say what you will about the beauty industry, but they can convince people.