After 13 hours of “increasingly contentious” debate, the South Carolina House voted just before 1 am on Thursday morning in favor of removing the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. The vote passed 94-20, signaling bipartisan support for the flag’s removal as well as the not-insignificant presence of these holdouts, here in red. The State Senate approved a similar measure on Tuesday, and the bill will now pass to Governor Nikki Haley, who’s expected to approve it. The flag can come down as soon as 24 hours after she signs it.

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Global Beet

It warms my heart to know bigots and Confederacy sympathizers can pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum. I guess the entire country can go back to forcing us to jump through hoops to vote, alienating us economically and being unjustifiably fearful of us all while recording vines of yourselves appropriating our culture.