Afghanistan Allows Men to Deny Wives Food For Refusing Sexual Demands • Europe's Peewee Boyz Storm Cheerleading

Illustration for article titled Afghanistan Allows Men to Deny Wives Food For Refusing Sexual Demands • Europes Peewee Boyz Storm Cheerleading
  • In addition to the "no fuck, no food" rule, the new laws in Afghanistan take away a woman's right to be the guardian of her children and allow rapists to avoid persecution by paying "blood money" for the crime. [Guardian]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making women's rights around the globe a key component of her work, as evidenced by where she has chosen to visit on her trip through seven African nations. [Boston Globe]
  • Two sisters in Dallas, TX are helping Iraqi women refugees find their footing in America. [Dallas Morning News]
  • President of the Philippines Gloria Arroyo recently signed a provision into law demanding gender parity in higher level government positions. The goal is to have "a 50-50 gender balance within the next five years. [AFP]
  • The Peewee Boyz, the only known all-male cheer troupe in Europe, won third place at the International Cheer Championships. [The F-Word, BBC]
  • Natalia Antonova discusses a new campaign to end domestic violence in Ukraine, with an interesting focus on financial abuse. [Global Comment]
  • The headline says it all: "Congo's Rape Epidemic Worsens During U.S.-Backed Military Operation" [Washington Post]

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To borrow a phrase from other Jezzies, for the fuck of shit. Afghanistan lawmakers are just bent on keeping women in fear, aren't they? It's like, "Well, TECHNICALLY we overturned the marital rape laws..." No. Exactly the same as before.

The worst part is that Western powers probably can't do much, if anything, to get these new laws repealed.