Afghanistan Allows Men to Deny Wives Food For Refusing Sexual Demands • Europe's Peewee Boyz Storm Cheerleading

  • In addition to the "no fuck, no food" rule, the new laws in Afghanistan take away a woman's right to be the guardian of her children and allow rapists to avoid persecution by paying "blood money" for the crime. [Guardian]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making women's rights around the globe a key component of her work, as evidenced by where she has chosen to visit on her trip through seven African nations. [Boston Globe]
  • Two sisters in Dallas, TX are helping Iraqi women refugees find their footing in America. [Dallas Morning News]
  • President of the Philippines Gloria Arroyo recently signed a provision into law demanding gender parity in higher level government positions. The goal is to have "a 50-50 gender balance within the next five years. [AFP]
  • The Peewee Boyz, the only known all-male cheer troupe in Europe, won third place at the International Cheer Championships. [The F-Word, BBC]
  • Natalia Antonova discusses a new campaign to end domestic violence in Ukraine, with an interesting focus on financial abuse. [Global Comment]
  • The headline says it all: "Congo's Rape Epidemic Worsens During U.S.-Backed Military Operation" [Washington Post]

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