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Ethan Couch, the teen whose “affluenza” affliction kept him out of jail after killing four in a drunk driving incident, was apprehended in Mexico early this week. Couch and his mother, Tonya, had been on the lam for weeks, evading authorities after the teen violated the terms his probation. It turns out that the Couches were caught because they couldn’t resist the sweet intoxicating taste of Domino’s Pizza.


The Associated Press reports that the mother and son criminal duo were caught after they ordered delivery from the fast food chain. The very savvy pair used one of their cell phones to order pizza to their Puerto Vallarta condo. Mexican authorities tipped off the U.S. Marshal Service who found the Couches at another location later that evening.

There are, perhaps, multiple lessons to draw to from the criminal escapades of the Couches; but namely, that an international manhunt isn’t exactly the ideal time to order delivery. There are other lessons, too, about not generally being terrible humans, but let’s stick to the pizza for now.


The Couches are currently being held in Guadalajara before being returned to Texas.

Image via AP.

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For someone who is supposedly so privileged, he has really awful taste in food. I mean, you can get so much amazing cuisine in Mexico, and you go for fucking Dominoes? That makes me hate him even more, and I didn’t even think that was possible.