There's a pretty cute interview on NPR with Los Angeles-based wax technician/comedian Elham Jazab about how the economic downturn is affecting her business. Even the plucked and botoxed Angelinos are forgoing the beauty treatments these days and "People aren't tipping as much," Jazab told NPR. NPR also notes that "74% of cosmetologists report lower spending on services, and over 60% report a reduction in tips from a year ago." How is the beauty of your exceptionally unwashed Jezebels faring amidst this monetary maelstrom? I'm sure you're very concerned about our unwanted body hair.I always do my own brows, though I only got one bikini wax this summer and getting another seems like a waste of cash, especially in New York when bikini season is fleeting. I do, however, get an overpriced haircut once every 2 months, so I spend about $45 a month on grooming. Anna spends about $20 a month on various beauty regimens, while Megan got her last brow wax/pedicure in May. Maria usually gets a pedicure and bang trim once a month, though after the summer is over, pedicures will be out. Have you cut salon visits out of your schedule since the economy's been in the crapper, or do you continue to wax with reckless financial abandon? Women and finance expert Suze Orman probably thinks even our modest beautification efforts are completely frivolous and would recommend making bikini wax out of old peanut butter and fishing tackle or some shit. California Beautiful [NPR]