Aerie Features Teen With Normal Body In Campaign

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Ever since vowing not to retouch their models a couple of years ago, Aerie—American Eagle’s lingerie and loungewear offshoot aimed at younger women—has continued their non-Photoshopping tradition with their #AerieREAL campaign. Their latest ads feature 19-year-old self-proclaimed Wilhelmina “curve model” and “Queen of In-Between” Barbie Ferreira.


According to Refinery29, the ads have not yet been released, but a teaser video shows Ferreira lounging by a pool, spouting body-positive words of wisdom. “I am unapologetically myself, no matter what anyone’s opinion is,” she says in the clip. “Not being retouched in the images is something that’s very important to me—people knowing that, that’s what I look like without anyone’s perception of what my body needs to look like.”

“We cast Barbie because she’s got nothing to hide, she’s strong and beautiful—she embraces her real self, which is the spirit of the Aerie Real message,” Aerie global brand president, Jen Foyle, told Refinery29. Since the release of the campaign, Ferreira received backlash and promptly shut it down on Twitter:

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I love Aerie so much. Unapologetically. I buy all my underwear there. It fits amazing, goes through the wash like a champ, and has cute patterns. I don’t need sexy barely-there undies, I want ones that cover my whole ass. 7 pairs for $26 is also pretty fucking amazing. This campaign just solidifies my love of them. This is extraordinary, especially for a company that sells underwear. Victoria’s Secret is sure as fuck not ever going to take a step like this. I like that Aerie’s message isn’t all “WEAR THIS TO BE SEXY!”, it’s all about comfort and feeling good in your skin.

Their sweatpants and sweaters are also pretty awesome. I’m 30 and I still buy a shocking amount of my wardrobe from American Eagle. I don’t even give a shit. Seriously though, if you want just GOOD underwear, check out Aerie. I swear by them. ELDRITCH TESTED, ELDRITCH APPROVED.