Advice From Your Inner Grandma: You Can't Change A Man

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In the wake of the the knock-down, drag-out histrionics of the Christie Brinkley/ Peter Cook divorce trial, several news organizations have weighed in with the most common marriage-enders. USA Today's offering is a listicle covering the most notable celeb splits, and one item from the piece really stuck out. It is about all-around jerks Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, and it made me almost sympathetic to the famewhoring Ms. Richards. USA Today gets "relationship expert" Jane Straus to weigh in, and she says of the Charise Richeen marriage, "Like many newlyweds, Denise may have thought she could change Charlie's notorious ways. At the time of their split, she may have felt disillusioned and hurt." Even though it's old-fashioned and reasonably clichéd advice, it's pretty solid counsel for both men and women. Despite the fact that I sound like your grandma, I'm going to say it anyway: a zebra doesn't change its stripes, people.


That sentiment was echoed in the oft-emailed Maureen Dowd column from last Sunday on an "ideal husband." MoDo was totally phoning it in with this one (she basically wrote a paragraph and then just quoted Priest and marriage expert Father Pat Connor at length), but it is still in the top-five most emailed list five days later because the advice contained within is sound. Connor said to Dowd, "Don't marry a problem character thinking you will change him. He's a heavy drinker, or some other kind of addict, but if he marries a good woman, he'll settle down. People are the same after marriage as before, only more so."

Which brings me back to the Brinkley/Cook fracas. According to a Rush & Molloy column in the New York Daily News from May, 1996, "Cautious as she is after her brief marriage to Colorado playboy Ricky Taubman, Brinkley is still a sucker for gorgeous guys. She's been making the first round of Hamptons parties with Cook. who's a former model, a Duke grad and son of a federal judge. Like Brinkley, Cook has been quick on the romantic draw. In 1992, he proposed to actress/model Anna Rhodes six weeks after meeting her. But then, he reportedly got distracted by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Richardson Montana."

A serial modelizer with a history of hasty proposals? I probably wouldn't have put money on him staying faithful. Sorry Christie!

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Marge: Well, most women will tell you that you're a fool to think you can change a man. But those women are quitters! When I first met your father, he was loud, oafish and rude. But I worked hard and now, he's a whole different person.

Lisa: Mom?

Marge: (forcefully) He's a whole different person, Lisa.