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Advice Columnist Claims Men Are Too Dumb to Know When Wives Are Cheating

Illustration for article titled Advice Columnist Claims Men Are Too Dumb to Know When Wives Are Cheating

Today in what-the-fuck, an advice columnist explains that while men deserve to be told when their wives are cheating, cuckolded ladies should be kept in the dark. Because they're such bitches.


The question put to the Philly Post's Ask Monica is simple: "If you know that your friend's husband is cheating, should you tell her?" This is a popular advice-column question, and usually columnists address it in terms of whether it's the third party's place to get involved. Monica, however, takes a different tack. Don't tell, she says, because your friend will just hate you (possibly true). Then she explains,

In many cases when a husband is cheating the wife knows but turns a blind eye because of lifestyle or convenience. Divorces are very expensive, so she may think that he may not leave her because he can't afford the legal proceedings.


Ah, but it's different with men:

The only time I am actually in favor of getting involved and telling a friend that their spouse is cheating is when a woman is cheating on her husband. I honestly believe that women have a sixth sense and know exactly what is going on and that men have absolutely no clue. So for the guys who are reading this, if you have a buddy and you know his wife is straying, clue him in since he has no idea. He will actually value your candor. Also know that the friendship between the guys will last since men, unlike women, don't hold grudges forever.

Of course, Monica wouldn't be the first person to assert that women are better than men at sniffing out cheating. One popular explanation for the dearth of sex scandals among female politicians is that women don't get caught. Still, this hardly makes every man a poor clueless sap — or every woman a conniving cynic bargaining that her husband won't bother to divorce her. And do we really need to hear yet again that ladies are grudge-holding bitches? To her credit, Monica does point out that the couple in question could be in an open marriage. But the rest of her column slings around enough stereotypes to make Steve Harvey proud. Memo to everyone: if your friend's spouse is cheating, you're in a tough spot. But that's true regardless of your friend's gender.


Don't Tell Your Friend Her Husband Is Cheating [Philly Post]

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Wait a second.

Who would NOT want to be told if someone close to them is putting them in danger of getting super herpAIDS? Seriously?

That and being lied to. But the super herpAIDS firstly.

Anyone who gets mad at the messenger is probably best off not your friend. Because that person is probably a movie bad guy who will randomly shoot his henchmen. And those guys are total dicks.