Adorable Toddlers Adorably Argue About Weather: 'You Poked My heart!'

Welcome to toddler divorce court, where hearts are broken due to arguments about whether it's raining or sprinkling and the judge is a confused three-year-old who has no idea what's going on or why someone is screaming "You're not real and you huwt me!" Oh those tender, tender feelings.


This video, posted yesterday in the midst of what I can assume is either a horrific downpour or a gentle sprinkle, is a true testament to how awesome small children can be. I can absolutely understand how a simple disagreement like this can lead to hurt feelings and the decision to end a friendship. And I'm glad there was a third toddler there to intervene and make sure that a) everyone was okay and b) to remind everyone that we are all real and have feelings. Thank you for keeping it together. Also: Is this the most polite argument ever heard or the most polite argument you've ever heard? These kids are better than most adults.

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"NO, you're pretty, and you're not real. I'M REAL."

My fav part.