It's been a busy weekend for intrepid Scottish food blogger Martha Payne. First, humorless adults at Lochgilphead Primary School in western Scotland told the nine-year-old she could no longer photograph her disarmingly Euclidean school lunches because she was apparently jeopardizing the jobs of innocent lunch ladies. That ban angered the all-powerful internet denizens that follow Martha's blog, pushing them to start a vigorous letter-writing campaign and donate more than $35,000 to Mary's Meals. The ensuing effort to lift the ban on Martha publishing her food pics attracted a lot of attention, eventually leading Martha to team up with celebrity chef Nick Nairn to help the Argyll and Bute Council develop better school lunches.

The Telegraph reports that Martha received other, potentially more lucrative offers from people smitten with the budding investigative reporter. David Payne, Martha's father, says that the Payne family has fielded offers for Martha to appear on daytime TV in Japan and America, to maybe craft a book, or even spawn a movie that might have starred Abigail Breslin if it had come out six years ago.

As for the curmudgeonly authorities that tried to muzzle Martha's journalistic voice, council authority Roddy McCuish was at least adult enough to admit that the council responded to Martha's blog in the absolute wrong way, saying, "I would certainly be apologising to Martha if it has caused her any angst whatsoever. One of the things we will be looking at urgently is the communications team." Whenever excitement over Martha's blog cools off, she might very well look back at the whole experience and realize McCuish's apology may very well be one of her blog's greatest accomplishments β€” it's not everyday that you can get an elected official to admit he or she was wrong.


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