Adorable Little Girl Saves Mother's Life Via Pizza Slap to Face

Seven-year-old Floridian Rita Lawlor was given an award by the Sarasota County Fire Department for her bravery and composure in the face of what would be a terrifying situation for anyone— her mother wouldn't wake up, even when slapped across the face with a piece of pizza. Master Shredder would be so pleased.

After Rita couldn't wake her mom, she called 911. The operator says she was calm and composed, giving her clear instructions about where she lived. The dispatcher told her to go stand in the yard so that officers knew which house was hers, and when the ambulance pulled up, they saw Rita standing in the driveway, still holding the phone.


Her mother has since recovered, and Rita is delighted by the award and goodie bag she was given by the department.

Most adorable emergency ever.

7-year-old girl slaps mom with slice of pizza, saves life [Buzzfeed]

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