Adorable Little Girl Curses Out Parents for Not Listening to Her Sing

You know what, mom and dad? If you're not going to take your kid singing "Let It Go" while wearing official Disney tie-in apparel seriously, you honestly deserve to get called out for it. You're just lucky this little girl loves you so much that she chose not to "bust you in a minute."

The video dropped ("dropped") last week, but has gone viral this morning thanks to Reddit, and for a very good reason: This little girl is fucking awesome.

Really, though, parents, you're committing two cardinal sins here. First, you are shooting the video the wrong way and second, you're not listening to your precious child try to choke out a few lines from Frozen. This little girl was ready to just let it all go and here you are heckling her and forcing her to threaten to put you on the naughty step, send you to your room where you will never be heard from again and making her consider letting the bad man take you because you are "Too bold, girl."


I have a sneaking suspicion that these parents knew exactly what they were doing (and hopefully they listened to her sing after they caught this very adorable video), but I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this tiny toddler. I mean, she's scarier than the little girl who swore at her parents after the ice bucket challenge. She is going places, okay?

Please note that closed captioning is available for this video. I had to watch about five times before I realized it was there.

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Seriously people its a kid, a tiny kid, kids act out, the parents are egging her on for a laugh shes not going to turn out to be a violent psycho or nothing, for fecks sake what a bunch of dryshites.