Adorable Girl Plays Violin for Michelle Obama and Melts a Nation's Heart

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Just when you thought that you couldn't love Michelle Obama any more than you do, she manages to find a way to worm just a little bit deeper down into your heart. Witness this clip of her making a visit to a pie shop in Virginia. She begins by giving hugs liberally (if she's tired of random people clinging to her for extended periods, she certainly does a good job of hiding it), and then she's approached by an adorable six-year-old named Sydney Trapp. Sydney is eager to play her violin for the First Lady, and as she gives her all to the performance, Michelle listens with such motherly attention that it might explode your tear ducts. Afterwards she tells Sydney she was "Awesome," and you can tell that it's a moment the little girl will never, ever forget. Ahhh, is there a way to install somebody as First Lady for life?


Six year old plays violin for Michelle Obama [CBS]

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Love love love love love I can't believe she is our First Lady what a fabulous thing. Maternal, commanding, brilliant, ambitious, talented, beautiful, steadfast, guarded, patient, reasoned, active, jubilant....oh my lord.