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Adorable Dad Freaks Out on Dollywood Ride While Daughter Enjoys Every Second of It

You have to hand it to this very sweet dad. The Screamin' Swing at Dollywood terrifies him to the point of wincing, swearing in front of his daughter, and even vowing in terror, "NEVER AGAIN, GRACE ELIZABETH!" Wow, her full name; you know it's bad. Yet when it comes time for round two, he voluntarily endures another few moments of even more terrifying revolutions so that his daughter can finish the ride. Clearly Grace did not inherit her love of amusement park rides from her father.


[Via Tastefully Offensive]

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This is really sweet. My 10-year-old cousin has Asperger's and he's always been a bit of a scaredy cat. But when I went to Disney World with him last year, he loved Space Mountain (3 times) on the first day and I managed to convince him that even though he was afraid of almost everything, that he could still be a "coaster enthusiast." After the Yeti (4 times) I told him all about the Aerosmith coaster and the Hulk at Universal and he started to get really excited.

The next day he was nervous in line for Aerosmith because he'd never been upside down on a ride before, but on our first time through as it was coming to an end he started yelling "Thank you! Thank you for making me come on this!" and my heart just melted. Then we went on two more times.

At Universal the next day, we went on Dueling Dragons twice, after which I was a bit queasy, and then on the Hogwarts ride, after which I puked my brains out. At lunch he kept asking me, "Are we still going on the Hulk? Are we still going on the Hulk?" so I toughed it out.

I swear he told every single person we came across in every single line that he was a coaster enthusiast. I've never seen him so happy and proud of himself.