Adopted Panda Passes Away • Woman Buys Baby For $1,000

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Sad news: Remember that baby red panda that was adopted by a domestic cat and her four kittens? The panda died, apparently after choking on milk. • Russia's booming economy (combined with weak borders and no laws for victim's rights) means more sex slaves and human trafficking. • An Army training plan to shoot live pigs and treat their wounds to teach medics how to treat wounded soldiers has angered PETA. • A woman with a previous charge of plotting to steal another woman's infant claims to have bought a baby for $1,000 from an unknown woman.


• Domestic violence directed towards men goes largely ignored by the media. • A new analysis found that their are no well-constructed studies that show the benefits for removing ovaries during a hysterectomy, meaning that doctors are often guessing based on a woman's age if they should remove the organs or not. • A new study has found that many widowers are not told their wife's illness is terminal and are usually only informed within a week of the wife's death. • Cancer patients are seeing the benefits of writing about their emotions as they go through cancer treatment. • Artist Jocelyn Foye gets roller derby girls from LA Derby Dolls to make indentations in clay with their knees for an exhibition in California. • Women between the ages of 50 to 79 who get nine or more hours of sleep have a 60-70% increased chance of getting a stroke. • The 1995 film version of Sense And Sensibility sparked a rise in wedding requests for a 15th-century church in England, but a broken bell has seen those requests cool off. • A man found with bestiality porn (including octopus porn) avoids jail in Australia after it is revealed he is the most awkward and lonely dude in the world. • Girls in Tech, a group for women in the male-dominated technology field, opens a chapter in LA. • An Indian man tries to use an impostor wife to get a divorce. • Finally, some happy animal news: here's video of a bunny adopted by a cat (via Cute Overload).


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