Adele Accepts Her Brit Award by Giving Everyone the Finger

Tonight Adele won British Album of the Year at the Brit Music Awards, and just as she was getting into a rousing acceptance speech, the evening's host politely stepped in and cut her off. Apparently it was very urgent that Blur be allowed to perform right that second—Blur!? Come on. That's obviously the worst decision the show's producer's could have made, but Adele handled it masterfully: She wrapped things up very succinctly by giving them (and everyone in the audience) the finger. Well done, Adele, and if they don't appreciate you over in Britain, you're welcome in the good old US of A any time.


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Monotremasaurus Rextraordaire

Wow. Adele is getting a pass here on the bird, but MIA was really ripped. Class, discuss.