Addicted To Beauty Should Be Called "Vanity Is Ugly"

Actually, from what the cast members reveal in this preview clip, the new Oxygen show (premiering tonight) could be titled Plastic Surgery Overload. These men and women don't just work at a "medi-spa" in Southern California; they're customers:

Combined, they've had breast implants, cheek implants, chin implants, nose jobs, dental procedures, neck liposuction, waist liposuction and laser hair removal. One woman has had Restylane injected into her feet.


In today's New York Times, Ginia Bellafante writes:

"Addicted to Beauty" aims to be "The Office" with liposuction, the emphasis placed on staff politics rather than on patient shenanigans… Nobody looks good; everybody merely appears as desperate as [a castmember named] Gary sounds.


LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara calls Addicted To Beauty "less a reality show than an infomercial." Whether people tune in to watch a "reality" show in which people are so fake remains to be seen. But since these people clearly feed on attention, it seems kind of creepy to enable them.

Tucking, Augmenting and Office Politics [NY Times]
'Addicted to Beauty' [LA Times]

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Um, I think the blond, possibly gay guy seems kind of with it. He basically said plastic surgery makes him feel good on the inside and if you aren't happy on the inside no one will date you. Which is kind of weird but kind of true (being pretty on the inside) and for some reason he seems pretty balanced to me.