Ad Libs

You really need to see this Ecko ad campaign to believe it, but we'll try to explain the subtleties of the company's advertising vision. Picture, if you will, a room full of lithe, bikini-clad babes producing jeans - sewing, treating denim, washing it. Why, you say, are these comely maidens making jeans in bikinis? And then, these words make all clear: "Hot Girls Make Great Clothes." Should you wish to explore this truism more deeply, you can then review the different manufacturers, give your opinion of her industry in the "Hotty Poll." A humorous fictional news feed lists the headlines "Unattractive Girl Sues Ecko!" (they won't hire her because she looks "like a farm animal) and "Catfight in the Locker Room!" Such wit! Again, we've not done the genius of the site justice, so we do urge you to give it the study it deserves. [EckoMFG]


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