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New billboards for Damskaya, a Russian Vodka aimed at women, (which we've written about before) have hit the metro stations in Moscow. The tagline, "Between us girls," is meant to lure chicks to the booze, because, says Natalya Shumilina, marketing director of the distillery, "In Russia, vodka is definitely a masculine product." But Gennady Onishchenko, Russia's surgeon general, is not pleased. "Most likely, the next step will be infant's vodka for infant consumption," he says. He thinks Russia's consumer protection agency should look into filing charges against the Vodka's distillery for violating consumer rights laws. But here's question: How do we feel about the Marilyn Monroe upskirt shot? [NY Times]


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Apparently this vodka is a ho 'cause its skirt is up and it ain't wearing panties.

That being said, I would not buy this product because it idn't pink enough and doesn't have daisies or protective flaps.