Activists Will Tailgate Mittens Romney's Campaign Bus With A Stuffed Dog On The Roof Of Their Car

As we're sure you are aware by now, back in 1993 the Romneys strapped the family dog Seamus to the roof of their car for a 12-hour drive, thus beginning a dark night of the soul for the poor Irish Setter, who pooped himself in abject fear.


The GOP presidential nominee begins a six-state tour today, and a small group of progressive activists with the moniker "Every Millionaire Counts Tour" will trail the Romney campaign bus with a stuffed dog (Seamus II) strapped to its roof as a mockery of the incident, which Romney continues to insist was fun for the family pet. Back in February, another satirical incident of this nature occurred as part of a "Dogs Against Romney" group, which culminated with the motorist being pulled over for suspected animal abuse.

More importantly, all of the other dogs at the dog run will not stop busting Seamus's chops about this.

"Yo, at least you weren't barbecued," negs the Greyhound at the dog run. But Seamus only chews on his bone with a melancholy air, reminding himself that his trials have made him stronger. :(


On a serious note: man, imagine what David Foster Wallace could have done with it.


'Mitt Romney Bus Tour To Be Tailed By Cadillac With Dog On Roof' [HuffPo]

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