Activists are sending women's underwear to the Burmese junta responsible for killing all those monks because, among other retarded things, the dictatorship believes touching a woman's panties will "make them lose their power." The group responsible for this is called "Panties For Peace" — would you believe they're based in Thailand? Any excuse to take off their panties etc. etc. — and more specifically, they are sending them to Burmese embassies and consulates. (Find one near you here!) We're not sure if the embassies are staffed by official junta members, but we're pretty sure, based on the sophisticated geopolitical perspective we have gleaned from editing "That's So Jane's," that the best embassy to which to send your underwear is the embassy in China, which is to say, Tinsley Mortimer and Anne Slowey and everyone else there right now for the Fendi Great Wall show. [Guardian]


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This is a great idea and has much more power than we might think. The horror of even a man having his clothes washed in the same load of laundry with a woman's skirt or jeans for a superstitious Burmese man is very real. How much more so is actually receiving a pair of soiled underwear that is sent with the intention of "stealing" his "power" ?