According To The The Insider, Jennifer Aniston Is A Baby-Crazed Mess

The Insider showed its journalistic chops last with this interview with Jennifer Aniston, asking questions like "What would you do if you were Oprah for a day" and "Sushi or steak?"

The show also spliced things Jen says in Marley & Me to make it seem like it's part of her real life. (Her husband's name in the movie is the same as her boyfriend's IRL.) The best though is when Jen goes off on that ramble about how everyone thinks about having kids all the time, and then kind of catches herself.



She's not exactly on welfare trying to figure out how she's going to pay her bills. If she truly wanted a baby, she'd have a damn baby. She can afford sperm banks, private donors, surrogates and adoption. She can afford to be a single mom. Something tells me that if she really truly wanted to have a baby, she'd have a baby right now.