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The facts are in from the internet and we cannot ignore our social media overlords! Apparently Facebook users who are fans of the FLOTUS on the omnipresent friend(-ish) network were more likely to click its voting button than those who declared themselves fans of pretty much anyone else. I can dig it, I'm pretty sure Michelle Obama is the most influential woman in my life, and that's counting my mom, my shrink, and myself. Fans of Adam Sandler and Nicki Minaj were must less likely to click the voting button, but what about people who are fans of all three? Asking for a friend.

Of the roughly 168 million Facebook users in the United States, 9 million used the app to declare their intention of voting. That's a hefty chunk. Other info coming out of the Facebook voting results include more women than men reported voting and that liberals — those whose declared political affiliation ranges from "very liberal" to "Democratic" — voted at a higher rate.


Most interestingly:

Perhaps the most curious data reported from the study was "Facebook Turnout based on Liking a Non-Human Entity." Unsurprisingly, those who liked "Binders Full of Women" and "Big Bird" on the social network clicked the "I voted" button more than those who liked Hello Kitty and Scooby-Doo. The former two became memes thanks to mentioned by Mitt Romney in the presidential debates.

So, the combined power of puppets and women united to create the perfect voting storm for Democrats. Can't say I'm not proud.

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