According to AdRants, the president of the Tennessee Education Association does not like Hardee's Flat Buns commercial. "It is unbelievably demeaning," he says. After watching the spot, we were sort of left speechless (it's a faux rap video in which two male students rhyme about their hot female teacher's buttocks) so we asked TV expert Tracie, aka Slut Machine. "It's like, 'eating burgers' is the new euphemism for 'tossing salads,'" she said, "cause they're basically talking about eating ass." We don't know if it's sexist or just stupid, but we're so glad we had lunch already. [AdRants]


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Tara Incognita

@ceejeemcbeegee: The ones that demean men. You know - - the ones where mom and the kids are rolling their eyes at "silly old dad" for not realizing you can't eat pizza every night/put a carseat in the back of a two-seater/whatever.

Granted, they're not as common as the GoDaddy-type commercials, but still, it's pretty bad for us all if we look hard enough.